From Dating Disasters to Finding The One, Broadway's First Date Cast Shares Most Memorable Dates

By Michael Gioia
06 Jul 2013

Kate Loprest

Kate Loprest (Allison/Google Girl/Reggie's Mom)

My story is more of a nod to a person who really changed my idea of dating — for the better. About a year ago, I found myself in a crowded bar in the West Village with a few girlfriends. We walked in looking for somewhere to sit and was approached by a guy who generously asked if we'd all like to share a table with him and his friends. Eventually all my friends dispersed to make phone calls or go to the bathroom (whatever), and I was left alone with a bunch of seemingly nerdy, clueless guys, so I decided to throw it out there: "Okay, what are your questions about women? I'm here to answer them honestly." Turns out they had questions, and I had honest answers. So honest, in fact, that one of the guys decided he liked my style and asked me for my number. I decided that his appreciation of my honesty was a better starting point than him liking the fact that I was an actress. Two days later, I got a phone call — not a text — from the guy asking if I was available later that week. We had a great date. He planned the whole night: reservations, drinks before and after, even a little billiards. We agreed to see each other again and said goodnight — nothing deep. Two days later, I got a voicemail from him asking me to call him back. I immediately freaked out! I thought I'd done something wrong, and he was gonna give me the boot or tell me he had a wife or something terrible. So I bit the bullet and called him back. Turns out, he wanted the thank me for a great date and ask me out again but didn't want to do it over text. I'd grown so accustomed to being communicated with via text and Facebook messenger, I didn't recognize the true act of a gentleman. Turns out: chivalry still exists. And now, I won't date anyone who won't call me.